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Free Multisample: Korg Volca Keys Sawtooth and Square Wave (Kontakt, Ableton, & SFZ)

I love my Korg Volca Keys. For those who aren’t familiar with it, it’s basically a small, MIDI-controlled analog synthesizer.

In the past few months, I hadn’t been using the box as much as I felt I should be. Since the birth of my son, I’ve had a far less predictable routine for music composition. Instead of having prescheduled music time, I often find myself putting together beats across many stolen moments throughout the day. In such cases, I generally don’t have time to go upstairs, unplug the Volca Keys, unplug my MIDI interface, and bring it down to the kitchen or wherever I happen to be working. My solution to this problem was to make some multi-samples so that I could still incorporate the Volca Keys sound into my music regardless of where I happened to be.

Here’s what the waveforms look like:

Volca Keys Squarewave Waveform (C4)

Volca Keys Sawtooth Waveform (C4)

I sampled each note over six octaves, set loop points, then turned them into multisamples.


  • Three formats: SFZ (tested with Sforzando), Native Instruments Kontakt 5.6.5, and Ableton Live 9.7.1 (Simpler & Sampler).
  • Recorded in 96khz, 24-bit using a high-end audio interface
  • Seemless waveform looping
  • Recorded without lowpass filter (add your own software filters within Ableton, SFZ plugin, or Native Instruments Kontakt)
  • Control envelope within SFZ, Ableton or Native Instruments Kontakt
  • Both Volca Keys waveforms: sawtooth and square wave
  • 5+ octaves
  • Allows for higher polyphony than the actual Volca Keys
  • Allows for polyphony using Square wave which the Volca Keys does not
Download it here

Here’s a sample track (all sounds come from this sample pack except for the drums):

Listen to Awkward Island, Manwomanchild’s 2nd album!

Check it out: We’re releasing our second album, Awkward Island, today. Recorded over the space of five years, and in three different cities, this album represents a substantial evolution in our sound. We can’t wait for you to hear it!

Here’s the album’s first single:

You can buy the album on Bandcamp or on iTunes.



Podcast Episode: The Fiverr Song Project

Check it out! I’m launching my podcast, Sample Size: 1, today. In the first episode, I explore the bizarre world of Fiverr, a website that lets you purchase services for five dollars. As an experiment in online music collaboration with strangers, I take one of my own songs and replace each instrument track with a new recording made by a Fiverr session musician. The episode chronicles the process and culminates in a version of the song produced entirely by the Internet.

–David Child

Song: Manwomanchild – The Telepath Returns

While my influences are mostly in the 70s post-punk and to some extent glam-rock vein, I’ve been on a psychedelic kick lately. I guess this song is partly the product of that. The angular chord changes on some of those late 60s psych records really appeal to me, and you can hear elements of Syd Barrett / early Pink Floyd, Os Mutantes, and the Pretty Things in the melody here.

Lyrically, the song went through a couple of transformations, so it’s very different from where it started. It was initially about a group of mountaineers who climb Mt. Everest only to be arrested when they get to the top, but this first-person voice crept in and kind of shifted the song toward its current shape, equal parts gleeful and menacing.

Song: Manwomanchild – Recent History

As promised, we are releasing an entirely new track today! It’s called Recent HistoryDownload it for free here.

–David Child