Free Multisample: Korg Volca Keys Sawtooth and Square Wave (Kontakt, Ableton, & SFZ)

I love my Korg Volca Keys. For those who aren’t familiar with it, it’s basically a small, MIDI-controlled analog synthesizer.

In the past few months, I hadn’t been using the box as much as I felt I should be. Since the birth of my son, I’ve had a far less predictable routine for music composition. Instead of having prescheduled music time, I often find myself putting together beats across many stolen moments throughout the day. In such cases, I generally don’t have time to go upstairs, unplug the Volca Keys, unplug my MIDI interface, and bring it down to the kitchen or wherever I happen to be working. My solution to this problem was to make some multi-samples so that I could still incorporate the Volca Keys sound into my music regardless of where I happened to be.

Here’s what the waveforms look like:

Volca Keys Squarewave Waveform (C4)
Volca Keys Sawtooth Waveform (C4)

I sampled each note over six octaves, set loop points, then turned them into multisamples.


  • Three formats: SFZ (tested with Sforzando), Native Instruments Kontakt 5.6.5, and Ableton Live 9.7.1 (Simpler & Sampler).
  • Recorded in 96khz, 24-bit using a high-end audio interface
  • Seemless waveform looping
  • Recorded without lowpass filter (add your own software filters within Ableton, SFZ plugin, or Native Instruments Kontakt)
  • Control envelope within SFZ, Ableton or Native Instruments Kontakt
  • Both Volca Keys waveforms: sawtooth and square wave
  • 5+ octaves
  • Allows for higher polyphony than the actual Volca Keys
  • Allows for polyphony using Square wave which the Volca Keys does not
Download it here

Here’s a sample track (all sounds come from this sample pack except for the drums):

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