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Things We Love: 5/29/09

1. The art of the Andy Kehoe.

Andy Kehoe Portfolio
Andy Kehoe Portfolio

He had a piece go on sale at tinyshowcase.com earlier this week which was great. Some of the art on his own site is even more amazing. (link)

2. The new Need For Speed: Undercover for the iPhone.


I’ve played just about all of the racing games that have come out for the iPhone. A lot were great, but NFSU takes the cake easily. (iTunes link)

3. CreativeApplications.net

I don’t read very many blogs consistently. I have a whole mix of things that I’ve put in my Google Reader. Occasionally├é┬áI’ll log in and nervously flick through the posts that have queued up before losing interest or clicking one of the outbound links. Suffice it to say that no one blog has inspired me so consistently as Creative Applications. I can literally go to this blog any day of the week and be guaranteed I’m going to see something totally amazing that will change my life’s ambitions. Outstanding curatorial effort. (link)